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The Orchard At AltaPass

From their website:

In 1995 Katherine Trubey purchased 280 acres of unrestricted land straddling the Blue Ridge Parkway to preserve its historic beauty and prevent development that would destroy the views from the Parkway. Though the land was bought as a preservation project, the new owners recognized that they had much more than Blue Ridge Parkway views and heritage apples to preserve. “Kit” Trubey, together with Bill and Judy Carson, began a journey: to preserve the unique history and culture of Altapass, and to use The Orchard at Altapass location to showcase it.

In 2002 the natural and historical preservation projects associated with The Orchard, McKinney Gap, and Altapass were placed under the umbrella of the nonprofit Altapass Foundation, Inc. Then in 2004, the orchard and the general store were incorporated as a supporting nonprofit organization. Together, the Altapass Foundation, Inc. and Altapass Support, Inc. promote and support the many special projects of the Orchard. These projects attract an increasing number of visitors to the area each year and bring together locals, tourists, and vacation property owners.

The mission of the Altapass Foundation, Inc. is to preserve the history, heritage and culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains; protect the underlying orchard land with its apples, wetlands, butterflies, and other natural features; and educate the public about the Appalachian experience. We depend on contributions from Altapass Foundation members and donors to continue the many programs and projects aimed at preserving the land, the history, and the culture of Altapass. We invite you to support our mission by becoming a Member of the Altapass Foundation. Individual memberships start at just $30 per year.


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